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Design and Built Steel Structures and Tanks

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Plate Blending and Cutting

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Why Choose Us

Modern Technology

We believe in technology and use the best available technology in the industry.

Powerfull Equipment

Our business is closely tied with machineries and those are some of the most powerful equipment in any trade.

Quality Materials

NSteel Engineering trusts on doing genuine work and long lasting existence and excellence.Hence we use the best materials in the market.

Affordable Price

We are doing good work for affordable prices. We need our customers to stay with us forever, We are priced just and right.

Professional Team

We have experts and we have apprentices. We maintain a second line of young professionals who would not second to anyone in professionalism.

24 / 7 Response

Our working hours are from 8am to 5pm. But we are available for remote assistance with regard to inquiries,quotations and consultancies.